About Our Logo

About Our Logo


About Our Logo

With the new name that the Lord gave us, FireKeepers International, came a new logo. The sacred fire of the Holy Spirit is key in our ministry and so it is front and center in the logo. You can see that the fire is somewhat in the shape of a dove, symbolizing the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). Since the Lord told us we would be used by Him as the tip of a spearhead, the image of the spear head is seen.

FireKeepers Fellowship Logo - Joseph RiverWind

The shapes within the fire are a series of Cherokee basket and pottery patterns. They tell the story. Here is the story:

First, the eye of the bird is an actual Cherokee basket pattern called “eye of the sacred bird.”

Pattern Name                                                 Our Interpretation

Chief’s Heart                                                   For God so loved the world

Chief’s Coffin                                                   that He gave His only begotten Son

Friendship                                                       that whosoever believes in Him

Man in Coffin                                                   shall not perish

Cross on the Hill / Stairway to Heaven              but have everlasting life

So, as you see, the story pattern within the sacred fire of our logo is the gospel message in John 3:16! This was the vision that Abba gave Laralyn for the logo. We are very grateful to Darin Shiflett of Life Designs and Media for moving it from the paper to the computer. He is a talented artist and an anointed brother in the Lord.