The Journey-Statement of Faith

Many First Nations Ministries are answering the call to The Nations.
We are gathering throughout the land sparking the flame of revival across this country as you will see in this short A.N.N.A ministry film trailer. ImmersionMedia has worked tirelessly to bring the message of the First Nations in this prophetic season. Click here to go to their Awakened FaceBook Page

The Journey-Statement of Faith

Our Mission
To share in service, word and deed:

The Love of the Heavenly Father
(John 3:16)
The Truth of Chief CornerStone Yeshua the Messiah
(Psalm 119:142) 
The power of a Holy Spirit filled life
(Acts 1:8)
Biblical Discipleship and Training.
(Mathew 28:19)

Teaching Hebraic Understanding of The Bible
(Proverbs 25:2)

Teach Creator's Truth According to His Word
(Mathew 5:18)

Serve in our Local Communities
(Mathew 25:35-36)

Walking the Ancient Path
(Jeremiah 6:16)