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The Jacksons
Directors of the Mandate 25 Program

Dave Jackson was born and raised in central florida, and is an avid outdoorsman and Christian apologist.  He is married to Wendy Jackson, and together they have 5 children and recently were blessed with their first grandson! As a young boy, he was raised in the Assembly of God - Pentecostal to the core - until a life-changing encounter forever changed his walk in Christ.  Professionally, Dave was an It Engineer for over 20 years at a large regional hospital in central florida, but now works for a solar company based out of TN.   Being a semi-retirement job, it allows him and Wendy to travel on mission work and meet believers all over the country Since visiting Kenya for mission work several years ago, their goals and life dreams  have changed drastically. ​

Wendy Jackson grew up in rural Minnesota on a “Little House on the Prairies” style homestead.She opened 3 restaurants from scratch, and completed studies in plant-based nutrition. She created a 10-week nutritional lifestyle course, which helped people successfully reverse cancer, MS, and diabetes. She purchased the business, Perfect Pickler and began a lifetime study of gut health and fermentation.Then Thrive for Good invited Wendy to Kenya, Africa, to teach fermentation at their organicgardening center. This continued until Wendy was hired as content creator to work with a team to create an online course for the extreme poor all across the globe. This curriculum included organic gardening, nutrition education, herbal medicine, leadership skills and income generation. Today she lectures abroad generating partners to join in the effort to end poverty by educating the extreme poor on becoming self sufficient.Wendy has a love for all traditional skills, and a passion to teach all people a simple, selfsufficient lifestyle.

Partnering with us
changes lives.

Mandate 25 - Liberia

FireKeepers International is establishing a training center in Liberia under the stewardship of Pastor Ernest Moore (pictured here with Wendy). We are helping prevent death through malnutrition.

Proven Track Record

Pictured here are the Jacksons, their daughter Anne (above Wendy), and a Kenyan leadership family. The Jacksons have a proven track record of establishing training centers abroad and helping countless people.

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