Keeping the Sacred Fire


Educate. Preserve. Feed.

For countless years, Indigenous people have lived off the land; used what was available as resources; and fed those in the community in a cooperative way. Wisdom was passed down from generation to generation. Uncle to nephew. Mother to daughter. Warrior to boy. Medicine woman to mentee. But now those skills are in jeopardy of being forever lost. The knowledge must be passed on to those who have the heart to hear and learn.

FireKeepers International connects Wisdom to Wisdom-Seekers. Knowledge to those who crave it. Food to the hungry. Encouragement to those who are struggling. Helping veterans with inner healing. 


FireKeepers International builds relationship with individuals, organizations and nations through promoting health and life with educational and cultural programs.


FireKeepers International is committed to nurturing health, healing, and restoration; encouraging life and spiritual growth through educational and cultural programs; bridging relationships with Creator, individuals, creation, nations and organizations.



We envision people walking in wellness and wholeness with Creator, themselves, and others. As cultural bridge-builders, we will do this through preservation of Indigenous traditional life skills; restoration of honor; and revival of traditional values of sustainable, eco-friendly stewardship of the earth.


Meet the Founders

FireKeepers International is a Native American charitable organization founded by official tribal and cultural ambassadors,  Chief Joseph & Dr. Laralyn RiverWind.

Chief Joseph was appointed by his Tribal Council as a Taino Peace Chief and serves his people as the Ambassador of the Descendants of Puerto Rico's First Nations. Dr. Laralyn RiverWind is the Ambassador at Large and an enrolled member of the Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee, a state-recognized tribe. They both represent their tribes at the National Congress of American Indians in Washington D.C.

Together they were named "Ambassadors of God" at Israel's Knesset (Parliament) at the juncture of Jerusalem Day and Israel's Independence Day, 2018.

Chief Joseph RiverWind is an honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran. Dr. Laralyn RiverWind is a Doctor of Naturopathy and Master Herbalist.

Together they speak teaching ancient indigenous knowledge; sharing cultural music; preserving old survival skills, and spreading the hope and love of Creator.

Board of Directors

Chief Joseph &
Dr. Laralyn RiverWind
Ana Patterson
Daphne Swilling
Ken Fabbri
Wanda Parker

Our Council of Elders

Dr. Lew & Mariesa Davis

Council of Elders

We value the wisdom of the elders. We have found excellent council in these trusted advisors. They attend FKI board meetings, assist with grant writing, and provide valuable input.

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Noqah Adkins

Content Contributors

The Jacksons

Dave is an avid, experienced outdoorsman. Wendy is a knowledgeable, lovable homesteader. You'll love their sense of humor!

The Wornicovs

Daniel is a professional artist with amazing primitive skills. Alicia (Powhatan), is one of Native America's most knowledgable herbal medicine makers (but she'd never admit it). Her passion is connecting people to plants.

The Vanns

Greg is a contractor and builder, handy at all kinds of skills. Stacy has extensive experience in farming and livestock. Their son, Abishay, will steal your heart! You will love this Cherokee family.



Projects Director

Matthew is an enormous administrative help to FKI. He loves the Native community and crafting. 


Research Assistant

Nobody loves to learn and research more than our dear Victoria! She helps gather intel; vet; and process loads of info. 



Samee's always been there in a crunch, helping us make deadlines and all kind of things. She's enrolled Osage and is also great at cutting hair.



MacKenzie is training on video editing. She's enrolled Osage and her smile lights up a room.


FireKeepers International is committed to nurturing natural living, holistic healing, and inner restoration; encouraging life and spiritual growth through educational and cultural programs; bridging relationships with The Creator, individuals, creation, nations and like minded organizations.


FireKeepers International
PO Box 387

Blountville, TN 37617

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