MEET THE TRIBE (Board Members)

Joseph & Laralyn RiverWnd

Chief Joseph & Dr. Laralyn RiverWind

President & Vice-President

Northeast Tennessee

The RiverWinds are a dynamic, down-to-earth couple with a well-grounded enthusiasm for life.  Both survivors of their own personal Trail of Tears, the RiverWinds are resilient overcomers who focus on forgiveness, reconciliation, and cultural bridge-building between all the tribes of the earth. The RiverWinds have been ordained ministers since 2007 with a calling to the nations. Their ordination comes from Indigenous Messengers International with the blessings of their spiritual elders Dr. Suquinna & Quamaniq.

Chief Joseph was appointed by the Elders of his Tribal Council as a Taino Peace Chief and serves his people as the Ambassador of the Descendants of Puerto Rico's First Nations. Dr. Laralyn RiverWind is the Ambassador at Large and an enrolled member of the Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee, a state-recognized tribe and appointed Ambassador to the National Congress of American Indians in Washington D.C.


They were both appointed as Ambassadors to Israel at the Knesset in Israel on Jerusalem Day 2018.  Both of the RiverWinds feel a call to help and support the people and the State of Israel by fighting the BDS and Anti-semitic movement that is growing in every country.

Joseph worked on the Force XXI Project (experimentation and research for the Army of the future) at Ft.Hood, TX. Part of the Air Defense Artillery research he helped test was responsible for the development of the Sentinel Radar and Patriot Missile technology used in Israel’s Iron Dome. Laralyn spent time on the mission field as a child. From surviving maritime mishaps and avoiding multiple kidnapping attempts to being the escaped target of a serial killer, she has gleaned a healthy dose of life experience in what she calls her “adventures.”

The RiverWinds are singers playing the guitar, Celtic harp, Native American flutes, native drums, bagpipes, keyboard, and rattles. They are national award-winning musicians under their former band The Blessed Blend: Nominated for 7 NAMMY Awards and winners of the 2011 Native American Music Award (Best Rock Recording), plus the 2013 Taino Award’s Musician of the Year. They also host Council Fire with The RiverWinds on their FireKeepers International YouTube Channel. 

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Ana Patterson

Secretary, Board Executive

Los Angeles, CA

Ana is the Secretary of FKI. She is Huichol (Wixáritari) Indian. She works as a Legal Secretary in Beverly Hills, CA, and is also an entrepreneur. She is a wife and mother of three beautiful children.

Ken Fabbri

Board Member

Northeast Tennessee

Ken is enrolled Cherokee. He is a well-established commercial realtor in NE Tennessee and an associate pastor of a congregation with a love for Israel. He and his wife Sharon have been working with FireKeepers International since 2019. They have an amazing sense of humor and bring infectious joy into their surroundings.

Wanda Parker

Board Member

Co-Pastor, FourCorners FireKeepers Fellowship

Farmington, New Mexico

Wanda Parker is Hopi and Santa Domingo. She and her husband Adam Parker co-pastor Four Corners FireKeepers Fellowship in Farmington, New Mexico. They have been involved with FireKeepers International for many years. 

Daphne Swilling

Daphne Swilling

Board Member

Peregrini International

Chattanooga, TN

Daphne Swilling has been a forerunner in the ministry of reconciliation for decades. She has coordinated an epic event welcoming Lord John Alderdice of Ireland and hosted by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in which generational trauma was addressed, forgiven and healed. She has been working with First Nations and Celtic cultures, and is instrumental in aiding high level leadership in navigating past ancient rivalries to find unity to the glory of the Father.

Ms. Swilling introduced a bill for the formal Resolution of Regret and Reconciliation to Native Americans by the State of Tennessee and in 2014 it unanimously passed into law. She is currently working on similar legislation for the State of Georgia. 

In her earlier years she traveled globally with Pat Robertson and the 700 club with her musical talents.

Ms. Swilling has been a board member of FireKeepers International since 2018.