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Lost & Found Project

A Resource for the National Congress of American Indian's Missing & Murdered Indigenous (M&MI, formerly MMIW) National Task Force

There is an epidemic in Indian Country. Our women and girls, and now also boys and young men are going missing. Many cases are underreported, mishandled, or fall between the cracks for various reasons - jurisdiction technicalities on and off reservations; lack of resources for investigation; tribal police and government corruption. It is well-known among Native people that the sex trafficking industry targets Native Americans and that the statistics concerning missing and murdered Indigenous women are grossly underreported and difficult to estimate.

In February 2021, the National Congress of American Indians asked FireKeepers International to become a resource for its National Task Force on Missing & Murdered Indigenous. We accepted the honor.


FireKeepers International Lost & Found Project Mission:

To provide prevention training; investigative services; and resource support to Indian Country in matters of Missing and Murdered Indigenous.



FireKeepers International offers training to high-risk individuals to help them become "hardened targets" in the hopes that they can avoid victimization altogether. These training sessions include topics such as situational awareness; avoiding risky behavior and lifestyle choices; self-defense; anti-kidnapping; wilderness survival; and more. If you would like for our team to do training on your reservation or comminity, please contact us for more information.



Whether cold cases or a quick reaction force, our team may be able to help with your missing loved one. We have training in forensic genealogy, crime scene analysis, and are licensed private investigators. Everything we do will be with the utmost of cultural respect and in accordance to indigenous protocol, to the best of our ability.



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Community, school and law enforcement training (coming soon)

Other/outside resources:

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Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified and trained, instructor-level, top-tier operators. Together we bring a combined experience of six decades in the military, special forces, police, search & rescue, medical, tribal law enforcement, and private investigations. 


Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape (SERE) Instructors

Crime Scene Analysis

Combat Veterans

Wilderness Survival

Airplane Pilot

Wilderness First Aid

Forensic Geneaology

Waterborne operations

Hostage Negotiation

Private Investigations

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Improvised Explosive Device Analysis

Terrorist & Criminal Network & Tradecraft Analysis

Certified Missing and Exploited Child investigator

Anti-Human Trafficking Consultant


CPR Certification

Kidnapping & Kidnapping attempt survivors

First Nations led


Martial Arts - Multiple Black Belts

Cultural Sensitivity


At FireKeepers International our native elders told us that we must teach, whoever is willing to learn, the knowledge and skills that have been passed down by our ancestors. We are committed to preserving and teaching indigenous and modern life skills, traditional holistic healing, feeding the hungry, and helping veterans through their healing processes.


FireKeepers International facilitates inner restoration; encouraging life and spiritual growth through educational and cultural programs; bridging relationships with The Creator, individuals, creation, nations, and like-minded organizations.  Our Lost & Found program offers prevention training, investigative services, and community education programs to fight the epidemic of Missing & Murdered Indigenous. 

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