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Our Calling


  • Mandate 25 is based on Matthew Chapter 25, where Yeshua differentiates between the “sheep” and the “goats.” One of the qualifiers is whether or not a person “fed the hungry.” Mandate 25 is FireKeepers International’s project to feed the hungry. However, we do it in a unique way.

  • At FireKeepers International, we believe handouts should be a temporary fix, not a permanent lifestyle. We also believe that choosing healthy food options can be healing to both the body and mind, perpetuating a cycle of healing - even in the cases of decades of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. By teaching Tribal Nations and people how to garden economically and in a time-saving manner, we will help people grow their own healthy food.

  • By teaching through demonstration, FireKeepers International will be growing; harvesting; preserving and providing healthy, organic produce for the hungry - the homeless and those who are just struggling to make ends meet (single mothers; working, low-income households; families with a plethora of children and widows). We also will include those who are desirous of utilizing organic produce to overcome disease and improve health but could not afford to do so using strictly their own resources.

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  • Since time immemorial, mankind has lived off the land, teaching skills of hunting, gathering, farming, fishing, food preservation, herbal medicine, weaving and more from one generation to the next. But in our modern-day society, due to conveniences of commercial industries readily available, many of these skills are endangered.

  • The Cherokee, along with many other First Nations tribes, have been farmers, hunters and gatherers for more generations than we can count. Yet in a matter of only one or two generations, these skill sets are in danger of extinction. Many younger generations have not learned to work the land or know the medicine of the plants of their people. And many of th elders who know-how are no longer here to teach.

  • FireKeepers International seeks to aid in the preservation of these skills through public education in efforts to revitalize and preserve indigenous traditions concerning natural medicines, living off the land and sustainable food production.

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  • Relationships are important. At FireKeepers International, we believe that building a relationship with others is a vital part of weaving a fabric of peace and goodwill throughout humanity. We share our culture through education, music, dance, and dialogue, building lasting friendships with people of other cultures, nations, and organizations.

  • This program also helps prepare others to be cultural bridge-builders through the revitalization of Indigenous traditional dress as well as sharing and preserving cultural songs, including the traditions and protocol of the drum and Native American Flute.

Jeremy Darren Joseph at drum


  • HeartCrossers (HC) is a band of people who have taken a Pact for Life - that we will not end our lives with suicide. This is a culturally-relevant suicide prevention program that works to help Indigenous people (often time, youth) and Veterans to bring hope and joy while breaking down stereotypes that typically surround mental health services and professionals. The program is an encounter- based event that encourages people to take a pact for life - the opposite of a suicide pact - with someone who cares.

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