Our Calling


  • To minister nourishment to the whole person - body, soul, and spirit.

  • To encourage good care for the body (each person’s temple), educating about natural health and creating good habits for healthy living.

  • To provide benevolence to people in need, including bereavement times.

  • To assist in suicide prevention, focusing first on the high-risk groups of Native Americans, Caribbean Natives, Alaskan Natives, Pacific Island Natives,  and veterans; later expanding into the general population, as funding permits.

  • To do humanitarian outreaches on and off Native American reservations.

  • To reach out to other nations for cultural liaisons and community building projects that positively affect other indigenous communities.

  • To support and uphold the State of Israel's right to defend itself and exist. To support and uphold the rights of the indigenous Jewish people to their ancestral homeland of Judea and access to their sacred places.

  • To encourage unity, rather than competition with others.

  • To develop and maintain good relations with our spiritual brother, the nation of Israel, and encourage the same for others - individuals, organizations, businesses, and nations.

  • As descendants of those who also went through a Holocaust, we will actively advocate against anti-semitism in any way that it is delivered. The cycle of genocides must never happen again.


We honor The Creator. hvhy, and believe His Son Chief CornerStone Yeshua to be the Way, the Truth & the Life who taught others to love and keep the commandments as Spirit-filled Believers according to (Ezekiel 36:26-27). We believe in the operating of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and teaching the eternal truth of the Scriptures devoid of pagan influence and idolatry while endeavoring to grow ever closer to our Heavenly Father. We support the State of Israel and her people as appointed Ambassadors of Elohim and servants but not as proselytizers. (Isaiah 61:5)
Many Blessings!


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