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Calling The Spiritually Dextrous Servants

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

We are in the midst of a strange seasons of spiritual advancement, failures, and restoration. The springtime is normally a season of heavy spiritual warfare reaching a zenith around the time of Pesach (Passover). This has been especially grueling and devastating for many in The Body of Messiah. Leadership has been taking the biggest brunt of the blows as the spiritual heads of congregations. Elders who have been pillars of the faith are being called home to The Creator leaving many wondering what is going to happen next. Heads of households are being crushed in order to destroy the family unit intended for us since The Garden. Even time feels like it is being taken away when realizing a month has gone by or a year has gone by and there has been no accomplishment of the tasks that Creator has assigned. All of these situations and more have been an attempt to cripple the advancement of The Kingdom. Who is behind this? Jezebel

Neo-Nazis waiving slogans calling for the deportation of immigrants and Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day (Photo: gettyimages)

Jezebel knows that time is short and the closer we get to the Appointed Time of The Feast of Trumpets, which signals the return of The Messiah, the more intense and furious the attacks have been. This is not only evidenced through our own personal experiences but we see the manifestation being carried out around the world against anything that is considered "the church" or connected to the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

Genocide against Christians is the highest it has ever been as well as house of worship shootings. There is an increase of vandalism at synagogues and churches while conservative media outlets are being censored or shutdown as anti-semitism rises higher and is more prevalent than during WWII. Just a few days ago during Holocaust Remembrance Day hundreds of Neo-Nazi's marched through the street of Germany in solidarity. The same Jezebel spirit that drove Hitler is the same spirit that is rearing its multiple heads once more while people and the media stay silent. As I sit here writing this my alarm is going off because of a barrage of rockets being launched into Israel just south of us on Shabbat. This spirit wants to take out one person as much as it does 6 million. What are we seeing taking place?

1) Jezebel spirit operating on what seems to be full throttle

2) People with stony hearts covered in mold being identified and removed

3) Leadership coming into a time of reckoning and accountability

4) Division among Believers is at an all-time high

5) A foundation is being built for a new thing

These may seem like different subjects, but they are all intertwined in a sinister coup the enemy has been trying to lead against the Called Out Assembly. Whenever we see Jezebel operating in a person, it is often a woman, but when that same spirit works through a man, it is a Luciferian or Anti-Messiah spirit. For Jezebel to operate at full capacity this spirit needs a weak Ahab. The first thing this spirit will attempt to do is silence the mouths of the prophets. Immediately coming against any stirring or moving of the Ruach Ha' Kodesh in a person or fellowship by using tactics like gossip, belittling, and causing leadership or a person unfounded dishonor. Sometimes this happens by using an Ahab "host" to instigate division while clothed as a self-righteous savior available to rescue people away from "bad doctrine" or "bad leadership" of the current congregation or assembly a person or family is attending.

During the Feast of Tabernacles last year a prophetic word was released cautioning everyone to be alert and aware because the type of unity The Bride is experiencing in this season. This unity is spreading throughout the world as it returns to its biblical foundation and this doesn't come without severe backlash from this spirit. The controlling Jezebel desires to exert its power, to usurp and take down real spiritual authority among leadership and then it raises up false leadership. These new leaders are not called and not anointed and are put in place to sway others away. The person operating under the influence of this spirit can be very persuasive in their outward show of loving "God" when in fact the only god they love is themselves.

" When the Called Out Assembly is divided it can become impotent in bringing long lasting restoration and wholeness." Chief Joseph RiverWind

The end goals of Jezebel are to disrupt, dismantle, divide, and crush any genuine move of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) ESPECIALLY in congregations or fellowships that are experiencing tremendous breakthrough, blessings, growth in numbers and who are operating in the gifts of the spirit. This is why intercessors are crucial to the Kingdom's spiritual and physical advancement. It is because of anointed and discerning intercessors that leadership is being exposed in wrongdoings, disruptive people are being removed from congregations, and the plans of the enemy are being unraveled. This does require bold and righteous leadership who is willing to discipline with love and grace while adhering to the protocol in Scripture on how to deal with these types of situations. If you are not ready to rise up and expose what is happening you may be guilty of tolerating a Jezebel spirit in your midst which causes The Creator to be against you. I don't know about those reading this but I want The Creator of all things on my side! To do that we as leaders have to be willing to be examined and put to the moldy stone test.

Why is this so important? Because the Creator is building something new in this season. He has given people visions and dreams to accomplish that are devastating to the kingdom of darkness which is the reason there is so much resistance from the enemy. In some cases, The Creator has to tear the building down to build it back up from the foundation and in some cases the foundation is solid but the building needs renovation. This calls for stones without mold, and He is removing these stones which means don't stand in the way of the house cleaning that is taking place.

Leviticus 14:44 "the priest is to go and examine it (the stone) and if the mold has spread in the house, it is a persistent defiling mold; the house is unclean."

If we are to examine the Spirit of the Law behind these instructions, we find steps that we can apply to our own lives. Leadership has been tested, some have failed, and others have been removed. We have seen others that have stepped down or in the worst cases outright abandoned the faith. The Creator searches our heart, this is true, but He also tests our mind to see if we know better. He has examined the stony hearts for mold, and many have been found. In His incredible mercy, we are giving time to repent and get rid of the mold in our heart before the High Priest Yeshua returns. Then the stone is examined once more and if there is still mold the stone gets thrown out into an unclean place.

Nehemiah 4:17 Those who were rebuilding the wall and those who carried burdens took their load with one hand doing the work and the other holding a weapon.

The new work for this season calls for builders with a unique skill set. They are spiritually ambidextrous servants who, in one hand, have been assigned to a task of building up The Bride's defenses by using the mortar and pestle mix of edification and encouragement applied with a shovel of love. In the other hand is the sword of the spirit ready to defend the project you have been assigned to as well as yourself, your family, home, and congregation. So set yourself to the task at hand and do not worry about the ones that Creator has taken out of your life, fellowship or congregation. It is much better when He does this rather than taking a whip into your own hands and acting out in the flesh. Discipline is necessary for spiritual growth but it must be done devoid of our fleshly emotions. If not handled properly this can leave devastating consequences, especially when considering that only Yeshua can whip someone and do so in a loving manner with full authority. Allow the refiners fire to work in your life as preparation for entering into a new spiritual season.

We are approaching the Festival of Weeks known as Shavuot or Pentecost. This is a time of reflection, preparation, and anticipation of one of the most incredible appointed times found in Scripture. It is the anniversary of the Torah being given at Sinai which is the marriage contract of The Bride and the outpouring of the Ruach Ha Kodesh that took place in Jerusalem. From Passover to Pentecost we are to count UP 50 days with eagerness so do not be discouraged or dismayed!

Do not give up! when knocked down get back up, resist the enemy and fight the spiritual battles while you are laboring for the Kingdom. Keep focused and watch what He is going to do in this season now that house cleaning is over and rebuilding begins. If you are one who has the mold on the heart the best solution to cleanse that mold is through true repentance.

If you are one who has seen the moldy stone removed by the "High Priest" don't go chasing after that stone to try to bring it back. Now is a time for BOLDNESS and walking in the authority that has been given to you. Do not squander your calling on distractions instead focus your assurance on knowing The Creator has put the Jezebel underfoot, exposed the Ahab and is now calling for the spiritually ambidextrous servants to get to work building His Kingdom, not mans. What are you going to do?



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