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Kingdom Finance Principals & Ethics-Boycott Netflix

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Former President Barak Hussein & Michelle Obama, former United States National Security Advisor Susan Rice and George Soros. Are there any ties here that bind and if so what does it have to do with Netflix?

After over a decade of loyal subscription I am out. I have slowly seen horrendous programming creeping in to the line ups. Witchcraft, occult, short of pornography movies and series that drop the F- bomb every 3 minutes. Its gotten to where we cant find anything decent to watch anymore that doesn't offend the eyes or ears. Some shows or movies you cant even get past the first few minutes. It has just steadily gotten worse over the years.

Psalm 119:37

Turn my eyes away from worthless things; with Your ways, give me life.

This was the final straw so we made our decision. To each his own according to their conscience but I am not willing to put any money into an organization or company that has placed these people on their payroll. This means my subscription dollars are being used to financially support the leftist agenda in regard to TV 'PROGRAMMING".

Not Supporting the Obama's

Signing the Obama's as producers was a huge mistake. Way to sell out to liberal media Netflix. We put up with 8 years of the worst presidential, anti-Semitic leadership, and failed policies in American history. Im not about to pay to see and hear more of it. Then to add insult to injury former failed Ambassador Susan Rice is appointed onto their Board of Directors because of her integrity?!?! But wait..it gets worse. George Soros is a majority shareholder. Are you kidding me? Goodbye Netflix! Post your cancellation screen shot - #BoycottNetflix #GuardYourGates#KingdomCulture

Proverbs 23:7, "as a man thinks in his heart (spirit), so is he.

How do we think on things? Either you see it or you hear it some where, then you begin to think or meditate on it. This scripture is also saying, if you think or meditate on it long enough you will become it.

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Chief Joseph RiverWind - Don't Pay for Unrighteousness!

An alternative that will give you one 1 month of free programming to try it out is PureFlix. You can rest assured that you wont have to worry about nudity, foul language or any other of the behaviors that Hollywood is trying to portray as being the norm. As far as doctrine their lineup of shows, documentaries and kids programming is what most consider mainstream. Clink on the banner below and sign up for 1 Month FREE.


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