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Northern Cheyenne and Crow Agency Sacred Journey Update:

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Thank you for all the prayers and support that made this trip happen! The First Nations giant is awakening and we are seeing it with our own eyes. The connection between Israel and First Nations is being solidified at a rapid pace in these end times. The kairos moment is now as we step into our Hebraic heritage of our faith! We are touring the states with this message. Contact us through our website for having us come visit your church or fellowship. The last video was recorded during our first visit to the reservation.

We returned back to the Northern Cheyenne Reservation and also went for the first time to the Crow Agency. It was an incredible time of fellowship, outreach, blessings and more to come as we continue to bring the truth of the Ancient Path (Jeremiah 36:6) to our First Nations people.


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