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We have a passion and love for the Word of YaH! Teaching the Bible is our specialty. We dive deep into the original languages of Scripture to bring you the best possible understanding of the Bible. We rely on the Holy Spirit to interpret and give understanding to us.


Teaching you how to research Scripture for yourself is one of our favorite things to do: equipping the Body for knowledge and understanding. We typically teach using our homemade multi-media slides to help visual learners and facilitate note-taking.


A Unique Teaching Style

The anointing placed upon us one similar to Aquila & Priscilla in Scripture. Each time they are mentioned, they are mentioned TOGETHER. The RiverWinds speak together in a tag-team fashion. They each have unique perspectives, insights , teaching styles and understandings of Scripture that provide a distinct learning experience.

Always Free

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All of FireKeepers International's teachings are available in at least one free format. We do not charge for our teachings (but we do make some of them also available in a purchase format to cover the cost of a CD for those who prefer that format or desire to bless the ministry). It is our joy and honor to give them free to anyone who is hungry for the Word. They are available on our YouTube channel, as audio archives, or live in person. Since they are free, we are especially grateful to those who partner with us financially.

Inquire About The RiverWinds

Base of Operations: Perham, MN

Local Airport: Fargo, ND

Fees/honorariums: We do NOT charge an honorarium or a speaking fee. However, we are entirely supported by faith in YaH's provision through the hands of others. As Scripture says a workman is worth his wages, when we come labor (teach, sing, speak, bridge-build, etc.), we do so with the understanding that you will also do your part, over and above the expenses that we will incur to get there. We appreciate when people commit to pay travel expenses along with a love offering. If you are inquiring about us accompanying or leading a mission trip, please state so, as we do not hold the same expectations.

Other important information: The RiverWinds travel together. Exceptions are not considered on this matter. The RiverWinds almost always speak together. Exceptions are limited to herbal teachings and gender-specific conferences.

Success! Smoke Signal received. We will contact you shortly. Blessings!


The Battleground of the Fourth Dimension


We want the Father's will in our lives but do we understand His timing? Did you know the Creator of the Universe has set date nights with YOU? Experience breakthrough in your relationship with Him with the paradigm shift of moving from the world's timing to His Divine timing.

Our Specialties

We love Scripture in its entirety but we have noticed that there are certain areas of teachings that are our specialty. These are some of the topics He is planting inside of us and often, we are asked to teach on one of these areas of specialty:

The Tribalness of Scripture

& Kingdom Culture


How has Creator revealed Himself within the Indigenous cultures of America? Can we celebrate our own culture while being a Believer? What cultural ways and traditions should we give up and what can we keep?



The Kingdom math of oneness in marriage and unity in the Body of Messiah are crucial for end times preparation. Our Bridegroom will return for a united Bride without spot or blemish. The Biblical model of Aquila and Priscilla are used to model oneness in marriage, both in the natural and the spirit.

Two Wolves Fight to Be Chief


This teaching begins with an old Native story and strives to impart revelation understanding concerning the internal battle of the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness within each one of us. Understand the throne of your heart and the what true circumcision of the heart means in our lives.

Spiritual Warfare


It might not be what you thought it is! Get a fresh take on spiritual warfare. This teaching uses the military model to understand intentional, strategic training and warfare to plan attacks against the enemy of our souls, satan.

Your Guard Duty


Adam's first instruction was to guard the Garden of Eden. We are still tasked with guard duty - guarding the home, our children, our marriage, our finances. Learn how to do this so that it does not give the Trickster (HaSatan) the opportunity to sneak into your garden.

Herbs of the Bible

Dr. Laralyn RiverWind teaches on Biblical uses of medicinal herbs, along with proper healing protocol in Scripture. This touches on spiritual roots of disease; uses of different plants; and even herbal preparation.

Finding True Love


We all want it; but do we truly give it? Do we even know what love is? If it's so important that I Corinthians tells us we are just an annoying noise without it, we better have this in spades!

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