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We are Indigenous.

And we are reaching out to connect Indigenous Peoples to one another - overcoming old tribal animosities and wounds of the past - and to non-Indigenous People groups across Turtle Island (the U.S.) and beyond. We desire to join with others and share culture, knowledge, resources, and goodwill.


Building Relationship

Relationships are important. At FireKeepers International, we believe that building relationship with others is a vital part to weaving a fabric of peace and goodwill throughout humanity. We share our culture through education, music, dance and dialogue, building lasting friendships with people of other cultures, nations and organizations. 

FireKeepers International supports Israel and the indigenous Jewish people of ancient Judea as rightful indigenous caretakers. We educate the public concerning Israel's historical presence within and beyond Israel's current borders. We support Israeli fiscal endeavors. We aid Jewish widows and orphans. We serve Holocaust survivors.  We bring peace and comfort to school children in war-torn areas. We offer cultural presentations for educational purposes. Upcoming services include assistance and education in food and medicinal herb education, planting, harvesting, and preservation.

Native American Reservations & Communities

FireKeepers has relationships with numerous reservations throughout Turtle Island (America). We encourage peace and moving beyond ancient tribal animosities to embrace and support one another in brotherhood. Our current bridge-building focus is building resilient communities with prepardeness & survival training, encouraging traditional cultural values and knowledge, empowering youth, and fostering support for the Jewish people among the First Nations population.
If you want FireKeepers International to come to your area and give a cultural presentation, please contact us for more information. Several nations have expressed interest in our Cultural Bridges Program, however funding is limited. Please bear with us as we expand.
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