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Back to Our Roots

FireKeepers International is committed to helping preserve First Nations life skills through public education in efforts to revitalize and safeguard indigenous traditions. This includes but is not limited to teaching the native ways of natural medicine and foraging, living and surviving off the land, and sustainable food production, and much more.


By teaching through demonstration, FireKeepers International will grow; harvest; preserve and provide healthy, organic produce for the hungry - the homeless and those who are just struggling to make ends meet (single mothers; working, low income households; families with a plethora of children and widows).

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HeartCrossers is a project targeting the two highest sectors of suicide in our nations. First Nations youth and Military Veterans. We provide an encounter event for at-risk individuals in order to better connect them with resources who can help them in their hour of need:  Their local, regional and federal suicide prevention agencies and qualified individuals as well as the informal aid that can come from reaching out to a friend or relative when thoughts of suicide invade.

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Cultural Bridge Building

Reaching out to connect Indigenous Peoples to one another - overcoming old tribal animosities and wounds of the past - and to non-Indigenous People groups across Turtle Island (the U.S.) and beyond. We desire to join with others and share culture, knowledge, resources, and goodwill.


FireKeepers International is committed to nurturing natural living, holistic healing, and inner restoration; encouraging life and spiritual growth through educational and cultural programs; bridging relationships with The Creator, individuals, creation, nations and like minded organizations.


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