The RiverWinds have a love for Israel and a heart for the Nations. Chief RiverWind is the Peace Chief and Dr. RiverWind were appointed as Ambassadors at the Knesset in Jerusalem. They have a calling to the Nations, promoting understanding and goodwill between people groups. 

You are an Ambassador.

We are each ambassadors. You carry a message, whether you intend to or not. Let your message be one of the light, love and joy of our Maker! Bring hope of the Salvation of YaH!

Explore Israel with The RiverWinds

Visit the Holy Land in a unique experience unlike any other tour. FireKeepers International and Radiant Israel team up to provide tours that are edifying, , uplifting, educational, and sometimes life-changing.


At FireKeepers International our native elders told us that we must teach, whoever is willing to learn, the knowledge and skills that have been passed down by our ancestors. We are committed to preserving and teaching indigenous and modern life skills, traditional holistic healing, feeding the hungry, and helping veterans through their healing processes.


FireKeepers International facilitates inner restoration; encouraging life and spiritual growth through educational and cultural programs; bridging relationships with The Creator, individuals, creation, nations, and like-minded organizations.  Our Lost & Found program offers prevention training, investigative services, and community education programs to fight the epidemic of Missing & Murdered Indigenous. 

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