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Fri, Jun 12


Washington College Academy School Of Art

Guarding The Flock Training Conference

A Personal & Congregational Security Training Event

Guarding The Flock Training Conference
Guarding The Flock Training Conference

Time & Location

Jun 12, 2020, 2:00 PM – Jun 14, 2020, 5:00 PM

Washington College Academy School Of Art, 116 Doak Ln, Limestone, TN 37681, USA


About The Event


- Self-Defense

- Preparing a Bug-Out-Bag

- Restraint Escape

- Hostage Negotiation

- Hostage Survival & Escape

- Go/No-Go Decision-Making

- Tactical Combat Casualty Care

- Security Team Selection &  Training

- Facility & Congregational Safety

- Mental & Physical Disaster Preparedness

- De-Escalation of a Homicidal or Suicidal Situation

- Timeline of a Crisis Event & More 

Featuring Captive Audience: Meet Your Instructors

Billy and Check bring a unique and wholistic approach to training. They spent decades serving this country in the US Army Special Forces and the US Government Intelligence Community. The combination of these two disciplines means an unparalleled and comprehensive knowledge base and skill set. Some of their specialties include: preventing and resolving hostage situations, medical response, personnel and facility security, investigations, movement over land, on and under sea, and through air, armed and unarmed combat, survival, evasion, resistance, and escape. As followers of Yeshua as Messiah, they use their capabilities to prepare G-d's people and set captives free."


The number of participants is very limited. Additionally, you must be 21 years of age or older to participate. Sorry, but childcare is not provided for this event. Please do not enroll in the event if you will not be able to attend all sessions. You will need to bring the following supplies:

- Food and drink for yourself for each day (no refrigerator is available). Meals are not included.


Suggested but not required:

- Money (an offering will be accepted for the instructors & on non-Shabbat times, they will have a table with interesting items available for purchase)

DETAILED SCHEDULE (Schedule is subject to change without notice)

Friday, June 12

1400 - Meet and Greet/Introductions, Introduce ourselves and ask each student to do the same

1430 - Goals and Objectives, State learning and behavioral objectives, Ask the students for feedback regarding what they wish to learn

1500 - Timeline of a Crisis Event, Surveillance, Information Gathering, Testing Security, Funding, Acquiring Supplies,

Impersonation, Rehearsal, Deployment, Condition White - Prior Planning, Condition Yellow - Assess Your Surroundings, Condition Orange - Spot a Threat and Get Off the X, Condition Red - The Danger is Closing the Distance, Condition Black - Being Attacked/Self Defense

1530 - Gaining and Maintaining Readiness (security and medical response plans), How to develop congregational emergency and medical response plans

1630 - Security Team Selection and Training, Whom to select and why, What to Train and How to Train It, Umbrellas

1700 - Facility Security, Principles, Strengths, Weaknesses, Considerations, Casualty Collection Points, Continuity of Communications, Assignments and Training, Alerting Authorities, Cameras,

Locks, Monitoring

1800 - Dismiss

Saturday, June 13

0900 - Strengths and Weaknesses of a Worship Service, Vulnerabilities and how to Account for Them,Strengths and how to Exploit Them

0930 - Tour of the facility with commentary on the specifics of facility security,Data Collection and Questions

1100 - Service

1400 - Change and Reconvene

1415 - Discussion of the Specifics of your Facility and your Service,Real Feedback Based on Actual Observations

1500 - Self-Defense,Gun, Knife, Long-Reach Weapons, Empty Hand

1700 - Restraint Escape, Duct Tape, Zip Ties, Rope

1800 - The Art of De-escalation, Hostage Negotiation Techniques, Behavioral Change, Emotional Lowering

1900 - Dismiss

Sunday, June 14

0900 - Preparing for Sheltering in Place, What to stock, Where to Get it,How to Use it Discreetly, Use of Space, Morale,Fulcrum

1000 - Preparing a Bug-Out-Bag, What to Choose When Real-Estate is at a Premium, How to Use Your Gear

1100 - Go/No-Go Decision, Sheltering in Place vs Bugging Out, Cover vs Concealment

1130 - Living "Forward CG” Mental and Physical Disaster Preparedness

1200 - Lunch

1300 - TCCC Medical Response in the Midst of Danger and Chaos

1600 - Dealing with a Homicidal/Suicidal Person Alerting Authorities, Stalling Techniques, Being Non-Aggressive and Non-Judgmental, Make no Promises, Active Listening, Lie Detection, Mirroring, Parroting, Minimal Encouragers, Handing the Situation off to Authorities

1700 - Review/Q&A/Dismiss

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