HeartCrossers is our culturally-relevant suicide prevention program. Suicide, slow suicide (chemical abuse and dependency), depression, bullying and hopelessness are major problems on and off the reservations in the Indigenous populations. 


HeartCrossers is an encounter-based program that encourages people to take the HeartCrossers Pact for Life - a promise that does the opposite of a suicide pact. It binds people together in an accountability and partnership fashion for pursuing life and hope, overcoming obstacles and reaching out to Creator and to others for strength and endurance. HeartCrossers partners with local resources to break down negative stereotypes about seeking help from the mental health community during stressful instances and times of need.


We honor The Creator. hvhy, and believe His Son Chief CornerStone Yeshua to be the Way, the Truth & the Life who taught others to love and keep the commandments as Spirit-filled Believers according to (Ezekiel 36:26-27). We believe in the operating of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and teaching the eternal truth of the Scriptures devoid of pagan influence and idolatry while endeavoring to grow ever closer to our Heavenly Father. We support the State of Israel and her people as appointed Ambassadors of Elohim and servants but not as proselytizers. (Isaiah 61:5)
Many Blessings!


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