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  • Why the name FireKeepers International?
    In First Nations (Native American) tradition, the Creator gave a sacred fire that came down from the heavens. That fire was to be tended so that it never extinguished. The sacred fire represents Creator's Spirit within us. We keep the sacred fire burning strong in our hearts, keeping the old ways alive. FireKeepers International (FKI) helps keep these traditions strong by educating the next generation in essential life skills and walking in an honorable way.
  • Is FireKeepers International a religious organization?
    No. FireKeepers International is a charitable institution.
  • Did FireKeepers International change its directives?
    Yes. FKI is a successor organization to a predecessor organization with the same name. While we have the same core values and motivators, the new successor organization focuses on practical applications for everyday living through programs involving video instruction and hands-on learning. We like to be love in action - not just teaching but DOING and teaching others to do the same.
  • How do I bring The RiverWinds to my event to speak?
    Start by sending an email expressing your interest (Click here). Include your organization name, event name, city, and date. If you are not the event organizer/leader, please discuss the invitation with him/her and receive the authorization to extend the invitation prior to contacting FireKeepers International. Please note: The RiverWinds speak together. Unless your event is a men's or women's conference, please do not invite only one member of the speaking team to come without the other.
  • Is Chief Joseph a Native American or a Puerto Rican?
    Chief Joseph is both! The Taino (one of seven Arawak tribes) are the indigenous people of Florida, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Bahamas and several other Caribbean Islands. They are the people who Christopher Columbus first came into contact with when he landed in the Caribbean Islands. Did you know that according to the National Geographic's Genographic Project, Puerto Rico has more Native Americans than nearly any other Caribbean Island? In fact, DNA evidence shows the average Puerto Rican is about 1/8 Indigenous. Chief Joseph's personal DNA results shows a higher than average amount of Taino Indian heritage. Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States and the indigenous Taino people fall into a similar quandry as the native Hawaiians who are not federally recognized yet are still considered the indigenous people of their island. The Smithsonian has done extensive research on the continued existance of the Taino people and DNA studies funded by the National Science Foundation and National Academy of Sciences has caused many historians to agree that history must be rewritten: The Taino Native Americans are not extinct... in fact, not even close! Asking someone if they are Native American or Puerto Rican is like asking someone if they are from Alabama or whether they are African American. An individual can be both! One is about their place of birth/residence and the other is about their racial heritage. For more historical facts about the Arawak Taino click here.
  • What kind of doctor is Dr. Laralyn RiverWind?
    Laralyn RiverWind is an N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy). She received her doctorate in 2015 from Trinity School of Natural Health after five years of study with a double major (the second was Master Herbalist). Her 99-page doctoral dissertation was entitled "A Holistic, Multimodal Approach to Improved Skin Health in Individuals with Eczema."
  • Is Dr. RiverWind accepting any new naturopathic clients?
    No, at this time Dr. RiverWind is employed full-time with FireKeepers International and not accepting any clients. She does incorporate naturopathic topics into their teachings and also blogs on natural medicine and health subjects. Additionally, it is currently illegal for naturopaths to practice in her state of residence, Tennessee so she is legally unable to answer any question concerning an individual's specific health.
  • What are some of your favorite Native musicians?
    Broken Walls Cheryl Bear Okama Indigenous Messengers International RainSong Beyond the Veil / Robby Cummings Worship Rebels If you know others, please submit their names to us for review!



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