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Preparing Folks for Hard Times, Helping Folks through Hard Times.

What We Do
Educate. Preserve. Train.

For countless years, Indigenous people have lived off the land; used what was available as resources; and fed those in the community in a cooperative way. Wisdom was passed down from generation to generation. Uncle to nephew. Mother to daughter. Warrior to boy. Medicine woman to mentee. But now those skills are in jeopardy of being forever lost. The knowledge must be passed on to those who have the heart to hear and learn.

Heritage life skills were endemic in every nation and culture of the earth at various times in their history. When those skills are forgotten or fail to be passed down to the subsequent generation, the cumulative knowledge of thousands of years and countless generations are in danger of extinction.

FireKeepers International is determined to preserve those traditional life skills and even add some to the collective knowledge bank for future generations. We connect Wisdom to Wisdom-Seekers. Knowledge to those who crave it. Food to the hungry. Encouragement to those who are struggling. Helping veterans with inner healing. 


FireKeepers International builds relationship with individuals, organizations and nations through preserving heritage life skills, educating in-person and online, and building community.

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