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A Peek in an Expert's Bug Out Bag

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Thus far, 2020 has been an interesting ride, to say the least. No matter what your views on the current political situations may be, I think we can all agree that we are living in intense times that are serving as an aid to help us refocus our priorities in life. One of those areas of evaluation for us has been our financial priorities.

Many of us are more behind the curve than we'd like to be on our preparedness gear - things we'd like to have to better prepare us for any breaks in the supply chain or other emergency situations. We'd love to have more gear, more knowledge, more skill. But don't beat yourself for not being on top of things! Let's just make the most of each day trying to make up for some lost time and opportunity.

Our recent Guarding the Flock Event was loads of fun and packed with enormous amounts of information. The instructor, Check, is very likely the most trained and skilled person in survival and self-defense we've ever known. During one of the weekend's classes, she pulled out the wonderful toys in her Bug Out Bag for us to ooh and ahh over. Some of them, we had to make sure to wipe off the drool before returning it to its place. She promised us a list of all of the items in her Bug Out Bag so that we could publish them out to everyone, so we're including them here with links (by the way, thanks for any purchases you make through these links because some of them we get a little kickback for, as affiliates):


A NOTE FROM OUR INSTRUCTOR: I want to be sure that people know that these are the things found in my pack but that substitutes are perfectly acceptable. People should shop according to their budgets, likes, and abilities. What I like or can afford may be different from what someone else likes and can afford. That said, I have 9 separate packs and this is the contents of only one. It is important that people have the proper training to use whatever they buy like firearms and rappelling gear. It is also important that they use, experiment, and rehearse with their own gear so that when the time comes, they are not trying to figure out how it works in the midst of the situation.

Check COO, Captive Audience


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