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Anti-Coronavirus Protocol Part 3: Good Practices

Updated: Mar 22, 2020


Everyday Good Practices

Some may think these things go without saying but life sometimes distracts and it's easy to forget to do the things you know to do. We get busy. We get distracted. I get it. So, here's your timely reminder of some of the things grandma told you to do to stay healthy. Don't forget to check out the video teaching at the bottom of the blood that this corresponds with this blog.


Good hygiene practices. Grandma never let you come to her table without handwashing. Don't make her roll over in her grave now. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hand hygiene is the single most important practice in the reduction of the transmission of infection and pathogens. (1) Cough or sneeze into a tissue, your shirt or the crook of your arm; carry a handkerchief or tissue with you; use the natural disinfecting spray in my blog Anti-Coronavirus Protocol - Essential Oils. (COMING SOON)

Be a Habitual Drinker. Drink eight glasses (64 ounces) of good water a day. To me, good water is Berkey water, just sayin'. According to their website, Berkeys filter out 99.999% of viruses. Those tests were on polio and rotaviruses. The size of the poliovirus is 30 nanometers. The COVID-19 virus is much larger at 0.12 micron (1 micron = 1,000 nanometers), therefore it should be filtered by the Berkey system. It's also great to be prepared with a way to filter water in case you are ever in a situation where you have to get water from an unclean source... like the creek out back... or your city-water-supplied faucet. Unfortunately, studies have found that people are not drinking enough water to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A study carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2013 analyzed data from the National Cancer Institute’s 2007 Food Attitudes and Behaviors Survey. (2)

Out of a sample of 3,397 adults, the researchers found:

1) 7 percent of adults reported no daily consumption of drinking water

2) 36 percent of adults reported drinking 1-3 cups of drinking water a day

3) 35 percent of adults reported drinking 4-7 cups of drinking water a day

4) 22 percent of adults reported drinking 8 cups or more a day

Conclusion? Drink more water! The health benefits are wonderful.


Pucker Up! Apple Cider Vinegar has been used as a holistic powerhouse for centuries in treating many different ailments. High blood pressure, diabetes, detoxing, heartburn and boosting your immune system are a few examples. (3) Take a Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) a day. If you can't stomach it undiluted, begin by diluting it and lessen the amount of water until you are able to drink it straight (but please, refrain from doing it straight from the bottle - for mama's sake). And who does it better than Bragg's?


Eat Your Medicine. Keep your fruit and veggie intake high. If on a diet that limits fruit intake (such as the Keto Diet), you can compensate for the lack of fruits with your supplement intake. Make sure you are getting above and beyond the RDA.


Clean Air. The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information. In a study conducted about the effective use of essential oils in aromatherapy, they found that using a diffuser provides some therapeutic health benefits. (4) Use an essential oil diffuser that actually pushes vaporized essential oils into the air.

Okay, maybe grandma didn't have one of these but if they'd been around, she would have. This is the type preferred to oil heaters that simply heat up oil, which influences lesser cubic footage of your atmosphere. Using the essential oil diffusers with the essential oils I listed above is the natural version of spraying the atmosphere with Lysol.


Probiotics. Because many of these herbs and oils are antibacterial as well, make sure that you're being mindful of your gut health. Grandma would have had yogurt and sauerkraut. But a couple of servings of yogurt aren't going to fully replenish a week and a half of the above protocol. Get a good probiotic.

According to Harvard Health Publishing-Harvard Medical School, (5) probiotics also have several other potential benefits. Their research indicates that probiotics prove to be beneficial in the treatment or prevention of:


Irritable bowel syndrome

Ulcerative colitis

Crohn's disease

H. pylori (the cause of ulcers)

Vaginal infections

Urinary tract infections

Recurrence of bladder cancer

Infection of the digestive tract caused by Clostridium Difficile

Pouchitis (a possible side effect of surgery that removes the colon)

Eczema in children


Nasal irrigation. That's right - the old neti pot. I'm listing nasal irrigation here although I'm not convinced that this is a truly effective prevention for this particular virus. COVID-19 favors the pulmonary tissue to the sinuses so I believe clinical tests would really be the only way to determine whether or not this step is of any value. (6) However, recent reports on COVID-19 symptoms include sinus drainage that makes the victim feel "like he is drowning." Flushing out the sinuses with saline water and a drop of tea tree essential oil can help. And it sure doesn't hurt to wash the insides where many germs are brought in and trapped then incorporated into your system. It may not be scientifically proven yet but it does make a whole lotta sense. You. Can. Do. It.


A good gargle. Grandma knew best when she had you gargle saltwater. A cup of warm water with half a teaspoon of salt never hurts.

How To Gargle With Salt Water

1. Add 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to a cup of warm water

2. Stir until it dissolves completely.

3. Make sure that it is not hot enough to burn your mouth.

4. Take a big sip of the saltwater and hold it in your mouth.

5. Tilt your head back and look up.

6. Gargle the saltwater in your throat for about 30 seconds and spit it out.

7. Repeat this process until you’ve finished the whole cup.

Sorana Segal-Maurer, MD, chief of the Dr. James J. Rahal Jr. Division of Infectious Disease at New York Hospital Queens said. "You’re creating a high-salt barrier and you’re pulling out a lot of fluids from the tissues in the throat area, so you’re washing the virus out. The salt functions as a magnet for water. It’s good for symptomatic relief.” (7)


Be considerate. If you feel like you could be getting sick, just stay home.


Say your prayers. Never underestimate the power of prayer.


Speak The Shema. Okay, maybe only those who called their grandma "safta" or "bubbeh" would have heard this one but it's in your Bible. If it's good enough for Deuteronomy 6:4-9; again in 11:13-21 along with a few mentions by Rabbi Yeshua in the Gospels, it's good enough for me. I believe it to be a protective declaration.

(COMING SOON) What in the world is The Shema? Click here to hear (pun intended) our teaching on the Shema.


Dr. Laralyn RiverWind is a Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Biologist. Her doctorate in Naturopathy and Master Herbalist degrees are from Trinity School of Natural Health. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Valdosta State University with a B.S. in Biology. She also has considerable experience in the allopathic health industry; in emergency patient care in a level one trauma center; and extensive studies in Microbiology, Epidemiology, and Infectious Disease.


(1) Gammon J, Hunt J. The neglected element of hand hygiene - significance of hand drying, efficiency of different methods and clinical implication: A review. J Infect Prev. 2019 PubMed

(2) Goodman AB, Blanck HM, Sherry B, Park S, Nebeling L, Yaroch AL. Behaviors and Attitudes Associated With Low Drinking Water Intake Among US Adults, Food Attitudes and Behaviors Survey, 2007. CDC

(3) Yagnik D, Serafin V, J Shah A. Antimicrobial activity of apple cider vinegar against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans; downregulating cytokine and microbial protein expression. Sci Rep. 2018

(4) Celeiro M, Guerra E, Lamas JP, et al.: Development of a multianalyte method based on micro-matrix-solid-phase dispersion for the analysis of fragrance allergens and preservatives in personal care products. J Chromatogr A 1344: 1-14, 2014. [PubMed]

(5) Health benefits of taking probiotics: Probiotics can aid digestion and help maintain gut health. Harvard Health Publishing-Harvard Medical School September 2005

(6) Cunning, Devin M. MD, FACS Benefit of saline irrigations in sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. NeilMed Pharmaceuticals July 2013

(7) Anderson, Chris C. Does Gargling With Salt Water Ease a Sore Throat? June 2016


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