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Native Americans Intend To Establish Embassy in Jerusalem To Strengthen Ties With Israel

Israel's Diamond Anniversary
The RiverWinds Celebrate Israel's Diamond Anniversary in D.C.

According to an interview on , our Firekeepers International Co-founders and leaders, Chief Joseph Riverwind, a leader of the Arawak Taino Nation and peace chief between tribal nations, and his wife, Dr. Laralyn Riverwind, an ambassador-at-large for the Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee, conveyed their intent to see a vision come true for a Native American embassy in Jerusalem. Why? This dream has been in the hearts of their elders and many other Chiefs and leaders for several decades. The RiverWinds are continuing the legacy of hope for an Indigenous Embassy by carrying the torch of their tribal leaders and elders into this generation.

“The story of the Jewish people, the indigenous people of Judea, brings us hope. For a tribal nation that has been able to return home, to their sacred sites, their culture, their tradition, their language” - Chief Joseph "AmaHura" Riverwind

For the full interview and article, click the link below:


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