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Possible "Nephilim Lance" origin results-First Nations oral tradition validated?

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Stoneclad (Cherokee), Giwakwa (Abenaki), Windigos (Ojibwe), Chenoo (Mi'kmaq), Witiko (Cree) Stone Coat is the name of the rock giants of the Iroquois oral tradition. Stone Coats are described as being about twice as tall as humans, with their bodies covered in rock-hard scales that easily repelled human sized spears and arrows. They were known to hunt and eat humans.

These are drawings by David Cusick (c.1780 – c.1831) a Tuscarora man who drew many of their oral stories about the Stone Skin giants that their people used to fight with. The lance they are holding is almost identical to the one that was presented at the Nephilim Mounds Conference to LA Marzulli and myself when we were there a few years ago.

Genesis 6:4 The N’filim were on the earth in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; these were the ancient heroes, men of renown.

Many native tribes have a similar story about the Star People who came down from the heavens and took our women. The giants were born from this union and Creator sent a flood to destroy them off the face of the earth. There is hardly a tribe on Turtle Island that does not have stories of giants in their oral traditions. It is uncanny that the weapons used in the Cusick drawings are almost identical to what you see in the picture where we are holding it.

This possible giant's lance head, weighing in at approximately 24lbs, was analyzed to determine where the metal came from considering that it was found in the Lake Superior region of the United States.

Long before we came in contact with the lance I had told La Marzulli about the oral tradition describing the methods of warfare by the giants. This was not a sword blade but it would easily fit into a 7-8ft wooden shaft. It was said that a war lance of one giant could easily penetrate three men at once at which point the men would be hoisted up into the air. We decided to stand like this to give a visual illustration of a very real possibility.

The lab results: The metal that this lancehead was forged with originated in the Middle East. This adds further evidence to what L.A. Marzulli just released about the DNA results from their expedition to Peru. After careful analysis of a few elongated skulls that are estimated to be thousands of years old the results have been released. The DNA matches for a people group who are Middle Eastern/European!

Could this be a link in time when Israel was dispersing the giant tribes from the land of Canaan? The Philistines were known to be expert mariners. Is it possible that the influx of giants into the Americas occurred as a result of being pushed out from where they were in Caanan? Where according to The Bible they were vomited out by the land?

Leviticus 18:25 Even the land was defiled, so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants.

Further research is needed to find a timeline, if one exists, that would harmonize First Nations oral tradition, archaeological evidence, and scientific analysis of possible artifacts like this one. So far the evidence is stacking up that validates the native oral tradition as well as the biblical accounts of the Nephilim and giant tribes found in Genesis 6 and afterward. Expose the darkness that tries to suppress the Truth of what is written in Scripture.

(Artist renditions of giants based on archaeological evidence: by Marcia K Moore)


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