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The Sacred Drum - The Heartbeat of First Nations and its use in Praise, Worship & Warfare

Updated: Mar 25

Psalm 150:4 "Praise Him with drums and dancing..."

First Nations believers were told in the past and are still told by some "church denominations" that they cannot use the drum to praise and worship The Creator as a cultural expression of their faith. This directly contradicts what is written in The Bible!

Understanding that God doesn't change is the first step. Therefore when He commands us to praise Him with the drums, dance, singing, and instruments then that is exactly what he is commanding us to. 

The Native American drum is a sacred instrument that is supposed to be set apart and consecrated for the specific purpose of being used for prayer and giving the songs to The Creator while allowing The People to dance as their form of worship and praise. Creator is the source of where we received the songs so we give them back to Him. Let us put aside the doctrines and traditions of men as we explore what The Bible and what The Creator says about drums and their use including:

  • The Hebrew and Paleo-Hebrew meaning of the word "Drum" found throughout Scripture.

  • Why First Nations people have a powerful mandate in the spiritual realm when it comes to music, warfare, praying and the supernatural realm/spirit world.

  • Why the trickster wants the First Nations drums silenced in the church.

  • Drum Protocol 101 - Its not just an instrument to beat on.

What has been translated as tambourine, timbrel and tabaret in most Bibles is the Hebrew word,תֹּף (toph), which means a hide stretched across a wooden frame and struck with the hand or stick- a drum. During their time of slavery the Israelites did not work metal which would have enabled them to make weapons. In this case,, the little cymbals we see on modern-day tambourines were not existent at this time. One of my favorite verses gives us a mental picture of The Creator going to battle to the sound of the drums and harps.

“Every stroke the LORD lays on them with his punishing rod will be to the music of the drums (תֹּף Toph) and harps, as he fights the battle with the blow of his arm.” Isaiah 30:32 (YHVH, 2011)

If you or someone you have know has gone through the experience of being condemned for honoring The Creator with a cultural expression of worship please share this short teaching on The Drum. If you would like to learn more about the First Nations drum and how it used for warfare, prayer and for honoring The Creator this teaching is also for you. Listen and then decide based on the biblical evidence rather than doctrines of men, whether the drums can be used to honor and praise The Creator.

Click on the play button below to hear a more in depth teaching on the Native American Drum, Protocol and More.




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