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A Proportionate Response?

Updated: Jan 15

JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images

Never in my life until now have I ever heard the public in the media call for a “proportionate response“ during a war. Never in any skirmish, never in any battle. And not with any other people group than the Jews. When it’s the Jews turn to retaliate against some of the most heinous crimes against humanity, to ever be witnessed and recorded for posterity, then the world seems to find it, their place to call from moderation rather than the ultimate annihilation of some of the most active evil on this planet.

Proportionate response? Can anyone tell me how in the world you can have a proportionate response to placing infants oven and cooking them to death? Can anyone tell me what a proportionate response is to being gang raped by 20 men? Can anyone tell me what a proportionate response is to stripping down a grown man down naked, beating boards even while he’s completely unconscious? can anyone tell me what a proportionate response is to cutting babies out of the bellies of pregnant women?

I know the Jewish people enough to know that they are far too honorable to give what would be an appropriate response. Tit for tat is not an option. In fact, it’s deplorable to even imagine. What happened on October 7th is not just about the lives lost - although that’s enough to be deplorable in and of itself. It is about evil being unleashed on the Jewish people yet again. It’s about the far less publicized statistic of the number injured - 6,900 (and that is a modest estimate as one of them I’ve seen was over 8,600). It’s about the number of people raped. It’s about the pride the perpetrators take in recording and sharing their unimaginable evil to the public. It’s about the celebrations occurring with terrorist sympathizers nestled in Israel-allied countries worldwide. It’s about the aid that is pouring to Israel’s enemies from nations like the U.S. which are her so-called allies.

Proportionate response? Why should Israel be held to a standard that’s not being held up for any other country? The goal here is not to have a proportionate response. The goal is to ensure that this never happens to anyone else again. If a people group is going to behave like animals and evil personified then they deserve to be wiped off of the face of the earth. That’s not a racial statement that is a statement that’s congruent with human safety and kindness.

Tempted to fall for the media hype of the “poor Gazans“ who do not side with Hamas and are the victims of living under a terrorist regime? Statistics and poles are in. 93% of Gazans are anti-Semitic and approve of what Hamas has done to Israel. And I wonder what the margin of error on that statistic is. 7%? Check out this video.

Share this with anyone who is encouraging a “proportionate response.“


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